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power question

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ok, i know this has been asked a million times, but im gonna ask again because im new here and not familiar with the search option. i have a 2005 foreman and the only mod i have is a clutch kit. can i turn the most aggressive mud tire in 28"(outlaw or mudzilla) really good? or will i have to do more mods? if not, what about the 28" swamplite, can i turn them with just a clutch kit?
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i have the mudzillas and they turn just fine in any hole i have been in except when your in the really thick thick mud...i am about to order the clutch kit monday they r supposed to turn in the thick mud so i will find out for ya soon as i get mine ordered...if i were you i would get the outlaws or zillas havent heared to much about the performance of swamp lights. I have heared that the clutch kit turns them really well....(outlaws, mudzillas)
the clutch kit only makes the wheels start spinning a a highr rpm for power mods you would neeed air filter, exhaust, then of course rejetting the carb to compinsate the free flowing parts
heck mudlabspecialist is turning 29.5 outlaws pretty easy and he has a HMF, snorkel, jetted. and now he has a clutch kit but the front end is torn down getting fixed.
maybe he will post up soon?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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