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power programmer for 06 Rincon

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has anyone else got the power programmer for the 06 rincons yet..i've just ordered one for my dad's birthday and was wondering if they made much improvements in the power dept..also wanted the K&N filter for his Rincon but K&N has a recall on them so if any others have them be careful useing it..they said they had a issue with the filter not sealing correctly..
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got the programmer installed tonight..although thier really isn't a really good place to mount it..and the directions are the worst i've ever seen it seems to aleast change the idle at a push of a button..i'll try to get some pics and we'll take it for a run tomorrow..
I have the HMF pipe and HMF Optimizer on mine. This thing is wicked now!
yeah..before my dad put his mud tires on he could pop wheels easy, then he added 27" tires and rims and it lost a good bit of with the chip and that thing can pop wheels all day long..we were talking about how we wished we keep his stock tires just to see it pop some crazy wheels with them on..ForemanDan, where did you end up mounting your Optimizer..??
just a little word of caution..we took the optimizer off and got the same results..maybe the pipe added the power back..but with or without the programmer the rincon has the same power..until this is futher researched i would hold on to my money..i'm not jumping to conclusions yet but it does seem the pipe helped but not the programmer..JMO..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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