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Hey Gang-

FINALLY! I have found the community of experts that I have so desperately needed! I have read through many of the previous posts related to what I believe my issue is but would like validation before I start shotgunning parts at this:

I am the proud owner of a 1987 350D that is literally my dream quad. Its in pretty decent original shape. I use it primarily for irrigating, weed control with a boom sprayer, and to chase cows (usually unsuccessfully but an iron pony is better than the ones that run on hay).

The issue: It runs like a top, always starts up. However, at various times, it will randomly die and then not want to start, usually when I am right in the middle of chasing a cow or on the side of a highway in transit which is usually more of an inconvenience and embarrasment. I have noticed it is ALWAYS after it has been being run for at least 20 minutes. When I try to restart it, it will occasionally pop and cough but never gets close to running on its own. After a cooldown (sometimes an hour, sometimes 12), it will fire back up like normal. The ONLY other issue is that my oil temp light has started coming on when I first fire it up, usually when it is cold. Everything I have read seems to be leaning towards a CDI. Any insight from you all? I DO have a 1989 350D for parts as well but I understand the CDI for the 1987 model is unique to that model. Where do you recommend buying the CDI from? I WILL NOT buy a cheap aftermarket from Amazon and am willing to pay Shendig price! Thank you all in advance!
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