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Hello from Florida everyone! My name is Dustin. New to the Forum/thread but have been reading a lot of the threads over past couple weeks. Here's my issue.
I did a top end rebuild. New cylinder, piston,rings, head machined ect. Put it back together to find it seeming 180 out ontime. I pulled front to find tensioner fully extended and way too much play in chain. So I need a chain. Figured I get. tensioner while I'm in there. Thus leading us to my question. How vital is it to run an OEM chain? I usually stick with OEM parts but they want 152 for this chain and 106 for tensioner. Amazon special is 38 for both. I'm sure the quality won't be as good but I can't justify this cost on the chain. I figure I can at least get a few seasons out of this off brand. Anyone used non OEM chains? How did it play out for you? TIA! Yall have been instrumental in my process and I thank each of you for your time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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