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Possible Local Winch Deal

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A local sporting goods store is going out of business. They were previously an Arctic Cat dealer. They have alot of ATV products held over from dealership times.

They are selling Warn 2.5ci winches for $220. They are a few years old and are the winches that would have come on Arctic Cats as a factory option (they have AC logos on them).

Does anyone know if the older (2-3 years) 2.5s are as good as the newer ones? I know it would deff be worth it as new 2.5s go for around $300-320 but I was just wanting some opinions first.
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That is a good deal for a warn old or new, but the thing that I disliked about the warn 2.5 was that they where not sealed up like the 3.0's. I don't know it the design has been updated or not. The old one's also had the plastic end cap(freespool end) and the plastic teeth would strip out if it was every overloaded. Everyone is going to the aftermarket winches now because of the prices. They can buy 2 aftermarket to 1 warn with the price difference and they seem to hold up well.
Thanks for that info. I will be sure to check it out before buying if I decide to do so.
the new 2.5's are sealed like the 3.0's. they didn't change that around til the first of the year. look around on ebay. i got my 3.0 for around $275 new about a year ago. i think that 220 is too much for one several years old. even if it's new.
If the older model 2.5s arent sealed I wont waste my time. I can get a new RT25 with a mount plate for right at about $300 from Tweety's.
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