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port and polish

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can anyone tell me how to port and polsih my 02 450s
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you need honeing tools, its not as easy as it sounds. u aslo need a flow jet to make sure your adding power and not degrading performance. it will cost u about $300 bucks for someone to port and polish the head at any bike shop. if they want more, tell them they can....well u know. u will proably have to take the head off and leave the valves on and take it to them. if you want to do something yourself, get a dremel and only polish the ports...will add a little better flow to the engine...probably not enough to notice. sorry if this is not what u wanted to hear.
It is really a job. If you take off the head and you do the installation yourself you could probably get the job done for 50-125 bucks less.
I got my block bored .020 over got a high comp. wiesco piston, hot cams cam, port&polish and a valve, valve guide, valve seat, job for 600-650 bucks, but that is because that is all i took them the job would be alot higher if you give them the bike and make them disassemble and assemble it.
Heres a web site that shows you step by step
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I have never tried it but it doesnt look that complicated.
polishing is extreemly easy to do porting i have yet to do much of tho
thanks everyone for the info this will help a lot.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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