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I have a 06 foreman 500 with 28in edls and a snorkle but when i give it gas when it has good traction or in mud itll jerk and pop realy loud what could this be from some times itwill jump out of gear into neutral but its only did that twice it runs fine though what could this be something slipping?
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There have been a couple new Foreman w/ the similar problem. They lost 1st gear, (The actual gear broke) and required a rebuild of the tranny. Robb recently got his back from the shop after having this problem.
That is what I was going to say.
well seems if i broke the gear it wouldnt go right well i drive it all the time and its been doing it for prob a month and we go hardcore every weekend and if im right it may avedone it in more then just first gear...Will this be under warranty if i took snorkle off?
Not sure if your problem is the same has I had....but mine would only pop when under a good load in first gear, going through nasty mud, or giving it gas to do a water wheelie, other than that it would be fine. Mine was a gear that had started to round off a little.
dang that sounds just like my problem well whats it cost and should i just wait till the gear goes or go ahead and bring it in could a gear reduction replace those gears?
warranty should cover it. THe problem is trying to get one of the techs there to reproduce the sound, with stock tires, and nothing but concrete around, its gonna be tough to get it to pop.
QUOTE ("paintball":wzg4tl5c)
go ahead and bring it in could a gear reduction replace those gears?
The gear reduction does not replace those gears.
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