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Which aftermarket exhaust?

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POLL: Aftermarket Exhaust

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Please vote for your favorite system and please include any noticable gains is performance such and bottomend torque and midrange torque, also please list the noise dbl vs stock dbl. Please list which pipe and anyother mods that go hand in hand with the added pipe. And list the required maintance.

Thanks, Rusty
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i am still fine tuning my pipe but im slowly dialing it in. i had to change the jet size. i can tell a big difference in low to mid range. i just went to 27" tires and getting ready to see how they will do.

i ride on the road usually a couple of miles each ride and i noticed top speed was 54 to 55. it will now hold 55mph going up hill. i prefer a much lower speed on the trail but ya gotta keep up with traffic.

maintainance? none that i know of. just wash so it looks pretty and shows off the HMF lettering
hmf,big power gains,and sweet sound
I don't think I would say BIG power gains but it was a gain none the less when I installed the HMF,jet kit, k&n filter. I will say that bad boy gets HOT now (exhaust that is) where it didnt get that bad before. I noticed the power low and not so much in the mid but then again on top!
i think your going to get a pretty biased opinion around here. and boy you should hear our group when we all ride together

I dont vote for any of those i run the pro circut with a 170 jet and k&n great power gains all through the low, mid and top end
WOW... Is anyone shopping anywhere else than HMF ? Ha Ha Ha

Is ANYONE running the LRD "TORC" pipe?
There has to be someone running a different pipe than HMF. Somebody, Anybody.
QUOTE ("olivegreenmachine":3r46iprj)
There has to be someone running a different pipe than HMF. Somebody, Anybody.

probably a group who wants nothing but the best. try it out and see how it goes. it may be a good pipe. then get a HMF.
Ok, I'll be different.
I bought a white bros pipe used and it is loud but that's what I wanted anyways. I put 27" tires on before the pipe and noticed a power loss...DUH. So, I buy a pipe and did notice a boost in the bottom and mid range, lost a bit on top speed but that is due to the increase in tire size
Keep the post and votes coming
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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