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polaris KING

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I win
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im from canada and so is scrambler. no complaints here bud
I'm not from Canada, but if I was, I'm sure you would be on my "ignore" list.

BTW...if you can find a better site than this, with all the info this one has, my suggestion is GO THERE and stay!
I'm from western Canada and although I am on this site almost everyday, I mostly just lurk.

There are actually some really great idea's on here and the people are always ready to give advice.

I really like the fact that this site is devoted to the Honda rider. No matter where you live,if you ride a Honda,you are welcome here. Personally I believe this is a great site
WOW What kind of post topic is this ?? From Canada here and haven't been here for awhile but this is the best Foreman site around ,have you seen the Canadian atv rider site it's not nearly as good in my opinion. Besisdes All the Foremans are built in the USA and we all seem to have the same good things happening and bad things happening . My suggestion is enjoy the site and post a topic worth replying to and you will probably get a better response. Just my 2 cents .
P.S. Hey ADMIN thanks for having my bike on the frt page looks awsome and congrats for two years . From gone to long, ClassA
hey buddy this site is probly the best forum out there, and the fact that it is for honda makes it that much better because in case you didnt realize someone who lives allllllllll the way across a different country has the exact same bike as you do. so im pretty sure any advice or inquires can be given to you if you ask

have a nice day
Looks like you found the Canadians, now what do you want?

BTW, do you own a Honda?
Glace Bay,Nova Scotia is my home. some real nice trails around here
Another canuck here BUDDY YOU"RE GIVING US A BAD NAME.
What difference does it make, Canada, Usa, we are all Honda owners and any site that can bring together the knowledge and input this one does is a valuable resource in my books. If you want something more local try a quad site for your region, here in Manitoba we have and it is great. Sure there must be one for your area.

I was havin a bad day ... bad. I was sink of talking to all those americans.. Didn't mean to be so harsh.. Was woundering where all the canucks like to ride.. later
I am from Cantley Québec CANADA
and working at University of Ottawa.

Did not like your post but just letting you know were canadians are from!

If any good questions letting us know, will try to help the best way we can.

Now cheers,

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Here is another Canuck from Dawson Creek, BC. I just have to say "Relax Man!". A Honda is a Honda no matter where you ride. This is by far the most informative Honda Forum I have seen. If you don't agree find another to freak out on!
Canadian also

BAD mood or not ,no need to post if thats all you got to talk about .This is the best honda site out there,All questions about honda quads and there rider stories are answered does'nt matter where your from

So what was the question
Obviously you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this site whatsoever except for your infantile remarks. Why don't you leave for some place more suitable to your maturity level, I would imagine there is a Romper Room site somewhere.
Take a look at Wildmans custom title!! Hes done.
Thanks Robb

thats a nice title for him !! what a donkey!
Yeah, thanks Robb. What a moron. I was thinking of joining and telling them I drive a Foreman and all Polaris makes is junk. Hopefully make some friends and find some good places to ride. I'll let you know how I make out....
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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