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pod switch

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Does anyone have a pic of what the honda pod light switch looks like and instaalled?
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Here you go!
Here is a photo of mine. I am going to change to a more waterproof switch as when damp outside, have had a problem last time I used it. Stil works, but switch is not water proof.

i like the way that looks...i have a question or two.

Would it be possible to use one of those illuminated switches?

So that the switch lights up...and is easy to see.

I was thinking that it would hook up the same way right?
Actually, the bottom one is mine and is an iluminated switch. Easy way to see switch in dark. Have to have separate power to switch to light up, but I have a hot wire there already as my switch is comming straight from separate hot wire and not part of the main light switch.

so when the key is on, the switch lights up?

that is cool, can you draw a diagram or something so that i can better understand what you are talking about with the wiring??
Yes, when key switch is turned on, the switch lites up.
Not exactly sure how the switch was wired. But as I remember, a hot wire went to one end of switch and out the other end to the pod light. Another wire connector was in middle and it went to ground which gave the switch a hot wire and a ground for light at switch. Most switches have instructions with it. I just followed instructions and not positive, but believe this is how it worked.
Mine is hooked a little different however than most on here. Most put a switch on the wire going from the main switch to the pod light and believe the wire (green) is the ground and ground wire is on switch. I did different by hooking a separate hot wire going to light and switching with the hot wire and use a ground that is grounded all the time. It has been a while since I did it, but this is how I remember it being done. I just wanted my pod light to be independant from main lights.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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