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POD light switch

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i have read several times in these forums how to make an on/off switch for the podlight. cut the green wire inside the pod and put a switch on it. well i opened my pod and looked inside and the only wires i saw was a group of wires going to the screen. i saw a green/white wire but it was not going to the actual light. i saw no wires going to the light. my foreman is an '07, does that matter? where exactly in the pod is the green wire? what does it connect to? if anyone has pics of the wire and how it was spliced, please post them! thanks in advance.
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I cut the green wire that plugs into the bulb on the ack of the light in the pod. then i added wire and put a switch on it. real easy to do. took about 5 min.
ok, thats what i thought.... but i do not see a wire going into the bulb. is there another part i need to remove to see the green wire? when i open the pod everything is sealed and/or covered. there is no wires exposed.
just unplug the socket from the light bulb. the socket has 2 wires in it a green one and i think the other was black. there might be some insulation over the wires i cant remember. heck i cant remember what i did yesterday.
Coop"s right-- The wires you're looking for go directly to the bulb itself - you probably can't see them because they are wrapped in what looks like black elctrician's tape- peel back a little of that wrap and you should see the green wire!
Here is one pic of the green wire, after cutting it. I just did mine two weeks ago. I thought the 07s came from the factory with a switch, but I could be wrong. In any case, I doubt they changed anything from 06 to 07, so if you look at where the lock ring meets the reflector, you'll see a connector. You must remove the connector from the bulb (after pulling the bulb from the reflector housing) and peel back some of the tape to see the green wire. It's a small gauge wire so it's nothing real obvious, but can't be missed. Don't forget to be careful with the bulb, don't get any grease or even oil from your skin, that will shorten the bulb life considerably. Good luck.
Why do people put a switch on the podlight?
QUOTE ("Icywaves":hwwdo572)
:? Why do people put a switch on the podlight?

That is what I was thinking. What is the reason for doing this other than you can turn the light off
most people put it on so when they put stuff up on the rack like coolers, deer, boxes and so on they can turn the light off so they arent blinded.
Exactly. When the light shines on whatever is on the front rack, even a backpack or whatever, the light reflecting is really blinding.
AAHHh this are much clearer now! I didn't even know what the pod light was. I have experienced this before, I guess I will be doing this mod as well. Thanks for the tip.
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