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Pod and elec start not working help

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I took all my plastics off yesterday to clean the bike good. I just leaned the front plastic against the front bumper and the lights still connected. Everything was still working fine seeing I had to start and move the bike. Well when putting the bike back together all was working fine until I bolted the front plastics back down. My gauge pod and elec start will not work. The elec shift works, and kill switch work fine, but no elec start or lights. I have gone thru removed the front plastics followed the wiring and all is connected. The bike will start from the pull start but thats all. Could the battery or just something wet from cleaning the bike cause this? Like I said while the front was leaning and water spraying it still worked cause I started it with elec start and lights were on, but once pushed the plastic back down nothing. Any help would be appreciated
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check the main fuse under the seat, its in a rubber boot all by itself. Just make sure no wire are pinched in the front.
Thanks that was it, when I put the rear rack back on I pinched the back light wiring and it was blowing the fuse.
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