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Plugging carburetor drain tube.

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I've read where some of you guys ride all the time with your drain tube plugged and yet I plug mine and my motor dies. WTF? Any ideas as to what is going on? I don't want to ask the dealer because they'll put 2+2 together.
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when i put a screw in the drain vent of my carb, it ran well for 2 days of riding and then all of a sudden it started to die and acted like it wasnt getting i tried to start it and all that happend was a shitload of blue smoke came out my tail pipe, i thought my piston i took the seat off after trying to start it and took the top of my airbox off and the whole airbox was filled to the top with gas!! so i drained the airbox, took the screw out and it started right up again no problem, i also lost a half tank of gas. i have no ide how you people plug it up and run it all the time
I think people only plug it befor they go diving in deep water, and open it up when riding regular. Not sure
I have always plugged both of the bikes bottom drain tube comming from the carb and never had a problem yet. Hopefully someone can say weather or not there will be problems down the road. Here is a pic..
Mine stays plugged all the time i had the same problem with my airbox filling up with gas but only when i carried it on the trailer the gas that was in the box got so high that it when to the crankcase breather tube and the gas got into the oil.......not good i know but it wouldnt start.. there was so much gas in the oil that the fumes from it was overloading the carb and it wouldnt allow it to crank simple solution turn the gas off while trailering
Yes...exactally.. I actually turn the fuel off as well as pulling the bottom air box drain plug located at the bottom of the air box while trailering.. A friend trailered it to N Carolina and when he got there, his air filter was melted because of the gas filled up so high it incompased the filter.. and we all know what gas does to foam
i think that from me trying and trying to start my bike while i had gas in the oil it blew my seal around my front drive shaft where it comes out from the crankcase because it is leaking but not a big deal just a $2.67 fix
What's the point in plugin it again?
If it doesnt have a check valve, then it will suck up water into the carb
Mine is plugged and every since I put the snorkle on it would get gas in the air box, but ONLY when we turn off the fuel AND I put a plastic bag over the snorkle when hauling. I think it only happens with the combination of the plugged tube and the snorkle.
I just recently took a trip to WV and when I got there my airbox was full of gas. I've made this trip several times and never turned off my gas, but this was the first time since I had my snorkle on. Before the trip home I turned off my gas and the airbox was bone dry when I got home. I do like the idea about wrapping the end of the snorkle with a bag, I will start doing that also. Thanks.
I have a 2 inch pipe for my snorkel so i just went and got a 2 inch pvc plug and put it on the snorkel that way even if i do forget to turn the gas off i will be long as the air doesnt pass through the carb that gas wount be in the box
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":eek:yhf36x0)
If it doesnt have a check valve, then it will suck up water into the carb
How do I know if it has a check valve?
Follow your drain line off the carb untill u either find a shotgun shell sized fitting ( check valve) or untill you find the end, thus you either have one or not. And there you have it!
From what I've read when trailering the bike without cutting the gas off with a snork the air passing by it causes a sucsion.
The red shot gun shell looking thing in the middle of the pic???????????
LOL no thats the wrong shot gun shell lookin thing. The one im talkin about is on the 1/8inch rubber drain hose commin off of the carb, it should actually be a black shotgun shell lookin thing. You should be able to blow in it on way and not through the other side.
Dude I got 12 stitches in my head from crashing a blazer just like the one in your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol that sux, I bet she still ran too. I ran a few trees over and plowed a few mud pits with mine befor deciding thats its just to much money to wheel a truck and besides i love my ATV!
It still ran but it did not move. My buddy could not see for the mud on the windsheild and missed a stop sign at a "t" in the road. Hit a big ditch, the only reason we did not indo it was a guide wire of a power pole. I hit the elbow for the sunviser, I have the shape of it in my head. Funny now but when it happened................ lol. It did not knock me out tho, guess I have a hard head!
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