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plug carb line

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i've read over and over again that i need to plug my carb drain line if im going to be doing water riding... i'll do that with a screw. should i remove the screw before i ride every time to let it drain? the line has got to be there for a reason. how often should i let it drain?
im takin my quad out tomorrow for the first its first time water ridin and i wanna make sure everything is going to alright.
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i leave mine in all the time. when i trailor it i turn the gas off and run it all out of the carb. you should be fine. if you roll your bike or anything along those lines you need to unplug it so that the extra gas can run out.
ok, so the only times i will need to unplug it is to drain it after i flip or sink it?
hard to say only. if you forget to turn gas off and it fill carb and airbox you'll need to drain them both. vent hoses get full of water and it travels into carb, again you'll need to drain them.

ive only had to pull screw twice, once for rolling it and once for not shutting off gas when trailoring. there could be circumstances other than these. if your worried about it then pull it everytime you when your not riding. i just wouldn't remember to stick it back in.
You should unplug it once in a while is what your saying?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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