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Please support the saving of the Trails in Mena

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Mena Arkansas needs your help in saving the trails there in the south west area of Arkansas. If you haven't ever been, make plans to go, it will be some of the best trail riding you'll ever do!!! Good place to start is "Save The Trails" rally every spring/summer. There are 3 or 4 that I have heard of and there are plenty of places to stay, like Sugar Creek Lodge, ATV Trail House, and Cossatot River Wilderness Lodge, just a few among tons places to camp and stay! I've rode that area from January to December and as the seasons change, so do the adventures!! There are thousands of miles of riding to do, tons of trails that aren't even marked on any of there maps, and they are slowly closing them down one at a time. We got folks that are with local governmet and fire rescue/police that are in the fight for us, but they are out numbered by the bunches of over paid A**holes in government that are out to take areas like that away from us! So support the trail areas, even if you can only support YOUR local trails!
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So what are you asking? A petition, maybe a riot, at the Mena Forest Service Office. I am game for a riot!!

It is the F###ing idiots that ride thru the creeks, and ride up the side of the MTN's that screw up everything.

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