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please reply to this need help bad

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k i got my hmf and triangle snorkit put on and i used the jet kit that came with the pipe (135 main jet) i put the needle on the seconde notch closest to the pointy end and turned the a/f screw 2 and 1/2 turns out does this sound right and is this wat yall guys with the same setup running, itll burn the 29s down in second gear and do a wheelie when u let go off the the brake. it spits and sputters for about 5 sec when starting it up after letting it sit for a night and after that first sputter itll run like a champ for the rest of thge time u run it
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mine does that sometimes
Should it be the second notch from the pointy side or the top?
2nd to last groove from the bottom of the needle, which is the pointy side.
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