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please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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has any one had any problems with the tie rod popping off the ball on just one wheel when u were going about 4 mph will this happen again if i take it to get it fixed???? thanks
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foremanboy,what year foreman do you have? you might want to check out because there was a recall for bad tierod ends i think on 05 bikes.
Here is the recall.............................4.11.2005
ATV Recall Customer Letter 4/11/2005

April 2005


Dear TRX Owner:

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Act.

What is the reason for this notice?

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is conducting a voluntary safety recall of certain 2004-2005 model year Honda FourTrax ATVs (Recons, Ranchers, Foremans, Foreman Rubicons and Rincons). Our records indicate that you own one of these vehicles.

What is the problem?

A safety defect may exist in the steering system of your TRX. Rubber sealing boots protect the steering tie rod ends from contamination and loss of lubrication. The sealing boots could become dislodged from the tie rod end body, resulting in rapid wear of the tie rod end and possible tie rod end separation. If tie rod separation occurs while riding, the TRX could lose steering control and may crash.

What should you do?

Honda strongly recommends that you do not operate your TRX until it has been repaired. Parts will be available soon. We will send you another letter notifying you when you can go to your Honda dealer for the free replacement of all four tie rod ends.

If you must operate the vehicle prior to repair, perform the following inspections before each ride to ensure the tie rod end boots are properly set to the tie rod end:

Visual and Physical Inspection of the Sealing Boot

It is necessary to visually inspect each of the four (two inner and two outer) tie rod ends to verify correct boot placement. (Illustration used for reference only.)

It will be necessary to look under the vehicle, use a flashlight, and turn the wheels left and right to inspect each tie rod end.

Visually inspect each of the four tie rod ends to verify that the rubber boot is attached to the tie rod end body. Grab the upper portion of each sealing boot and pull upward with moderate force. The boots should remain in place. If a boot dislodges from the tie rod end, the tie rod must be replaced before the TRX is operated.

The rubber boot should be firmly attached to the body with no gaps or distortion to the sealing surface. If you find any tie rod end with a missing or dislodged boot, do not ride the unit.

Tie Rod Freeplay Inspection

Park the TRX on a flat, hard surface, such as a driveway or hard packed dirt surface. Turn the handlebars until the front wheels are aimed straight ahead. With the handlebars centered, grab the tire with both hands as shown. Wiggle the tire lightly back and forth while watching the handlebars for movement. If you can move the tire back and forth more than ¼â€
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