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please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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has any one had any problems with the tie rod popping off the ball on just one wheel when u were going about 4 mph will this happen again if i take it to get it fixed???? thanks
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the rie rod is worn out and i'd very carefully riding until you replace it it should not be able to "pop" in and out if you have to ride it that way try wrapping something around it tight to try and keep it together and i wouldn't drive very fast.
yah you have to replace it. it should never be able to pop in and out, when you replace it, before you take the old one off make sure to mark it then take it off and compare it to the new one to make sure there the same length if not you'll have to adjust it you'll need to take a tape measure and find a common spot on the front of the two tires and the back of the two and make sure you get the same measurement
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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