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please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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has any one had any problems with the tie rod popping off the ball on just one wheel when u were going about 4 mph will this happen again if i take it to get it fixed???? thanks
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1st: There was a recall on early 500 foremans on the tie rod ends. Make sure your not part of that. They can run you vin at the dealership and see.

2nd: How many miles are on your ride? Tie rod ends will eventually wear out, mine went around 3200 miles. I was going down the trail and my inner tie rod popped off the ball. After looking closely the boot of the tie rod end had split which let dirt and grime get in and wear out the area wear the ball rests. I replced all at once because after I took them off I realized that the other boots were good but the grease had dried up in them. My suggestion is replace one, replace them all. You never now the others may seem alright now but you might be having to replace them next year.
There was a factory recall in 2005 on the Foreman 500 for the ball joints.I took mine in after receiving a letter from Honda.Mine were not bad though and are still in working order.The letter said to grab hold of the front wheel and watch the tie rod while moving the wheel from side to side.And if Im not mistaken anything over 1/4 inch of movement required a new set of ball joints.
At the factories expense.
I agree with BigVick if you have to replace yourself do them all.It may keep you from kissing a big pine tree at 30 mph.
ok i have a 2006 foreman would that be part of the recall or not and ur sayin i need to put 2 new tie rods on ? how much do u think that would cost?
'06 models weren't on the recall, mine is an '05 and was not on it. I wouldn't just replace 2 tie rod ends, I would do all 4 (both sides). It's easiest to just take the bottom nut off the steering stem and disconnect the outer tie rod ends from the knuckle (on both sides) that way you pull the whole tie rod assembly (left and right) out and you can change the ends on a work bench. The tie rod ends are about 8~10 bucks, just depends on your dealer, I believe I got mine for about 9. Just remember once you put on new ends you will have to align the front end.
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