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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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this evening i was bleeding the front highlifter disks on my foreman and overtightend the bleeder, the screw is fine but the hole where the bleeder screw is now stripped. is their any other options than spending 111.00 dollars on a new caliper? what a good way to end a friday evening huh?
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thats a tough one there, you can try to re tap a thread to the next biggest size, but how to keep the shavings out of the caliper???
I don't know what size the bleeder is on an HL brake kit.. You will have to take the bleeder to an outo parts store and try to get the next size up..And you'll need a "bottoming" tap to re-thread the hole .. A regular tap won't work because the hole isn't deep enough for it to work..
Coat the tap in thick grease and it will hold most of the shavings.
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