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Please help me!!

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Hey i have a quick question for you guys. So i installed my hmf lastnight onmy 500 and today i was going to put my new jet in and change the a/f. But i cant seem to rotate the carb around. Ive never messed with carbs so i dont know what to do. Ive got everything disconnected except the choke and throttle cables and this one electic wire that goes to the bottom of the carb. When i rotate it to the left i get it about halfway........ and thats it. am i missing something?
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You know, out of seven machines and jet kits in all of them, I have never been able to rotate the carb; it always feels like I'm forcing something. I always just take the carb off.

Not to bad on the Foreman (if you get the settings right the first time).

Take three bolts holding airbox on (2 on left side and 1 on right) behind rear wheels and loosen up boot going to carb, remove crankcase breather tube, one more hose on top left side of carb and remove airbox. Next isolate carb and remove. It's a lot easier to work on when carb is on the bench. Plus you kind of learn what everyone is talking about, finally you'll see and adjust the infamous air/fuel screw.
Hey eric thanks for your help....I finally got the float bowl off i could only rotate halfway but it allowed me to get the screws off. So i put the 165 jet and 2.5 turns out on the a/f. I havent had a chance to ride it yet (dont wanna wake up the neighborhood haha) I'll have to see how she does tommarrow. Do you think the 165 jet is to small? Ive just heard that everybody runs the 170. I live at 1700ft. THANKS!
not sure. Get the A/F mixture right and get needle right. If topend feels flat you are probably to lean.
I am running the 165, when I tried the 170 it seemed too rich. What your looking for is a good smooth power thru the throttle, from bottom to wide open. Also look into doing some throttle chops to check the plug, that will tell you if your lean or rich. I found a complete write up about how to do them but can't remember where I found it.
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