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please help me someone.

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i need to get a an oil cover for an 007 foreman 500 manual shift.... nobody that i can get a hold of has this so someone please help me out.... my number is 954 665 8717 if anyone has one used or new or may know where i can get it please help.... Honda is out of stock and they are on backorder..if anyone knows of a dealer that may have it please buy it and i will send out the money to you ... thank you so much
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What's an oil cover?
yea whats a oil cover? i have some honda stuff laying around the house from when i used to have hondas. i have some stuff off my rubicon that would fit your bike.
wats a oil cover.. i might know a place that can get it.
Do l filter cover? If you do there are many places online that you can buy oem parts from much cheaper than your local dealer. You can get one for an 06 it is the same as the 07.

also has a oem parts finder and there cheaper that local shop.
are you talking about the oil filter cover. The cover that has 3 bolts that holds it on?

yes i am talking about that cover with the three bolts on the side of the motor... do you know anyone that has it??? honda is sold out and on back order so i wont be able to gt it from a parts place online unless they have it in stock
What happened to yours? I bet that cover has been the same for several years,it's hard to believe it's on backkorder.
We keep 1-2 in stock at all times.. They are not that easy to break but customers break them by not starting them in square .. I can't believe your dealer/s don't have 1 ..
thank you

ok so i ordered one from this they say it will be in on saturday hopefully.... if that doesnt go through you said you guys have one to two in stock at all times could you maybe send one down this way if i send cash,check,credit info up there.????
if motosport doesnt go through i would look for the parts around you town cuz Honda Mechanic lives in canada and ordering from there would include some import and duty fees and that can get expencive
ya im not puttin down honda mechinca. but dont order from canada it takes to long to get past the border control place.. we order a set of headers and side pipe for a car and it took 1 month to get them here
Same here when ordering from the US .. It's George Bush checking boxes/packages for white powder..

yea i here what your saying but the guy from honda said it could get here around Feb of 2008 and im not waiting for that long. i called everyone in florida , georgia, and alabama.... so im not worried about spending the money i just wanna go back out there and get dirty....
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