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does anyone know where i would be able to get a set of 2007 black plastics?? they should fit the same right?
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I would guess a Honda Parts dealer would be the only place.

Try this site to look up the individual prices.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... onda#SDOWN</a> then select 2008 and then your Foreman Model
black plastic

try service honda or world of just got mine and starting to put back on. cost was around $370 with shipping
my bike is an 05 and o7 plastic fit perfect
Sweet deal, thanks alot
why do u wanna get rid of ur yellow plastics?
black will show scratches VERY easily,
much faster then ur yellow ones do.
If you are worried about scratches I would recommend getting the camo plastics,they show little to no scratches and I would definitely not get the black, they scratch like you would not believe.
You can get them at the Honda dealer , There's x3 plastic pieces, the most expensive was about $26.00 . Camo will run you about $130.00 for the same piece. I just swapped out my green for black. Also the headlight cover, leaving the front & rear fender green . In thick woods,(Pines. oaks, grass under brush) it hides better than the camo. The camo clashes with the natural environment color in N. Ga.
As for the Camo scratching , Yes they do scratch . They are scratch resistant NOT proof , and they look like Cr#p when they do get scratched . Since its a molded Camo pattern , you can't do much with it . With the Black/Green/Red/Yellow, you can wet sand with 1200, buff and surface scratchs will be removed. Camo you can't do anything. On the Nature colors above, clean them and use something like Pledge on them. Pledge will reduce dust/dirt buildup and slicker surface for branches to help reduce scratches . Down side, it makes your Honda nice and pretty & shiny, I state downside due to shiny is NOT what you want when your trying to move silent and unnoticed in the woods.
Black plastic looks good! However I looked at one earlier this week and all I saw were finger prints all over it. I looked at the white foreman and was impressed finally someone makes white plastic that doesn't look to bad. I know I bashed it earlier when it was first introduced and seeing it in person does it great justice. Take a look at the white next time you're in the dealership.
if ur gonna buy new plastics.... would u be interested in selling ur yellow ones if they are in good condition? ie: not broken, some scratches are ok
I might sell them, I wanted a black bike but i found this one for a good price 5900, Canadian the way it sits 1300 miles on it, don't mind the yellow it's kinda growing on me. i was just checking how much it would cost me to change. the plastics are mint with only very fine scratches most from peoples shows. if i do change the color i will make sure to post my old plastics with pics for sale here.
yeah im kinda interested if you are wanting to sell them.
I have yellow as well and just saw the new whites ones at the dealership and liked them alot. I wanted black as well, but all the 07 foremans I ride with are black. They don't clean exceptionally well meaning they still look dirty after drying. White will be hard to clean but at least scratches and fingerprints won't be noticeable if you care about that stuff. I'll post my yellows if I decide to change. What would you give for a good set of yellows? No cracks or any bad scratches. The only thing I see on them is where my tank bag have barely hazed the part on the side of the tank. When I noticed that, I took it off and only put it on when I go on a ride.
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