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plastic peice not fitting right..

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has anyone else with a 05 or 06 foreman noticed the plastic peice right under the seat on the right side not fitting just has 3 tabs in the back and the top one will not stay snapped when it is snapped in the bottom of the cover lays over the silver engine cover and pushes back out..maybe it's just a problem on mine..just asking.

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Your not alone. Mine does that also I thought about drilling a hole and putting one of those plastic rivits in it to hold it down but there is nothing behind it to hold it down. (2006 model)
mine is a 05 model same color and it has had that problem since day one but i dont pay that anymore attention mine is scratched bad so you dont really notice those inperfections

If the front rack or bumper is bent or out of line just a little bit all the front plastic fits funny
thats true Ray, its the same way on my rubicon almost in the same place. i have tryed to bend the rack back and its almost impossible to so i just forgot about it.
Mine doesnt have that problem but the piece on th right side gas tank keeps popping out
I have exactly same problem. Did it since brand new and only have had it 4 months. Came off several times while riding and in garage. Never seems to fit just right. About to bring it in for my 20 hour/100 mile maintenance schedule. All other pieces seem to fit just fine but this one. Looks like it is common problem.
yeah, i noticed mine when it was brand new with 10 miles lose..i just took the seat off now to see least i know now it's not just mine..
Mine fits fine but the piece on the left side of the gas tank is like it has a little bubble i it.
Mine pops loose too, I have noticed the problem for about 2 months now. No big deal, just bugs me when I think about it.
I have not had any probs with mine. Make sure the 3 rubber mounts are seated compltely into the frame. Before you try to replace the panel. I have hd those rubber mounts fold inward before.
How about just leaving it off?I thought of that......I have to remove it every time I use the primer on the carb.,and it's tricky getting it to stay on there.On mine,it seems like the pegs on the back of the panel don't line up with the rubber grommets,the pegs go into the grommets at an angle.
That is soo funny you bring that up.. I have been at the " Car Wash " at Suburban Estates and watched people walking around for hours saying " Hey...Who lost this off of their Honda ? " Almost everyone I know has lost that exact piece when riding, swimming, .. **** I have seen them fall off while sitting still. Dunno why..
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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