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Piston Change

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Has anyone out there changed their piston ??

Do you have any recomendations ??
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I did a piston change on my 450, but I used another Honda piston, .050 over. My suggestion, make sure you find a reputable machine shop, perferably one who is familiar with bikes and single cyinder stuff. The piston to wall clearance is very tight, and must be bored correctly. Just make sure the machinist does the right thing.
i put a weisco piston in mine stock bore. Then my fan quit running and i ended up burning the oil but it wasnt the pistons falt. Iam about to bore it and install a nother weisco piston. It has a 9.5-1 compression ratio i added some power to the bike. Hope this helps
How much is the Wiseco, where do get them, and do they make any more nosie then a factory piston?
Thank-you for the comments, any information is helpfull
mine is a little louder with the piston but i also ported and polished and added a cam all at the same time. Your local dealer should be able to get it for u. Lata
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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