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Piston and Cylinder question

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I have a 04 foreman 450. I bought it used and the previous owner had it rebuilt. I took the engine down because it started smoking bad. I honed the cylinder and measured to find out I have a 0.008 clearance between my piston and cylinder wall. Too much? Should i just find rings with the right end gap and put it back together or buy a stock piston and cylinder. Or does anyone know it I can buy rings that are wider, so they still grip the piston while sealing against the cylinder. Its already been bored over a pretty good bit, supposedly bigger than a foreman 500 is. Any help would be great! Thanks Guys!!
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The service limit for the piston/cylinder is 0.10mm (0.004in) ... You will have to measure the cylinder to see what oversize it is ,then you should get the next oversize piston and have the cylinder re-bored to the next size ..
Alright, but what if its already been bored out? I think its already at its limit as far as being bored goes, im not sure but ill have to check if it can be bored one more time.
I dont think you can buy a new sleeve from honda, I think they only offer the complete cylinder. I have bought a new sleeve from La Sleeve a couple of years ago. Your old sleeve will need to be pressed out and the new one installed and boared to stock or whatever size you want. Take a look at this link.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... Sleeve.asp</a>
Thanks Dirty. Any machine shop should be able to press out and it the sleeve then huh? That sounds like a good way to go. Another question, The piston that i pulled out is a JE piston and is shaped differently than the stock one, mainly the depth of the skirt. Will my crankshaft cause problems if I use a stock piston? I was told the JE was shaped like that because of a different crank used...
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