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pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well I ordered a set of 27 gators and rims for my foreman last week, the day before I went and picked it up. I figured that way it would be here shortly after I got home with them. Wrong it ahs been a week since I ordered themm the money has been taken out of my account so I called them to get a tracking number, they said that they haven't even shipped yet and wouldn't until next THURSDAY as in over 2 weeks after I ordered them. I ordered them from I will garantee that I will never use them again actually I am thinking about calling them back and canceling the order and getting them somewhere else. What would yall do if in my shoes.
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wow, where did you order them from the dealer?

There is no point in service like that even more after you have been billed for it.
I ordered them from the website, I am seriously considering deamnding my money back and getting them somewhere else.
Thats bad business on their part. Sorry to hear that. I was also considering the 27 Gators on my Foreman. If you don't mind me asking what nthe price was because I was going to order the big foot kit from $520 w/ Black steel rims. OTD

Good Luck


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get your money back, that is the same thing HL did with me and I canceled my order and got my $$$$$ back, its BS bussiness. :!: :!:
Get your money and run. Sounds like my story in the accessories forum.
I ordered a set of 26" mudlites monday from
According to the UPS tracking number I got.. they will be put at my door by the time I come home tomorrow. 4 days aint half bad IMO

Sorry about your bad luck. Maby give denniskirk a try if they have that kind?
get your money back. i hate companys who say customer satisfaction is there thing but screw you over anyway.
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