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Pirelli Mudweisers?

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I need a new set of tires and a place local to me offered me a set of mudweisers really cheap. anyone use them? I dont actualy hit much mud but do a fair amount of loose trails, loose dirt and gravel. I am leaning towards 26inch for my foreman 450. Anyone use these? I wanna make sure they are halfway decent. thanks
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I looked at those tires, they look just like the Mudlites.
THe pieces of tread apear to be larger than the mudlites. By a pretty substantial amount. I am thinking this may help them wear better. anyone else have any ideas? I was out all day today riding and my tires really do suck right now so i need something soon
By bigger do you mean taller? My XL's are over an inch in depth and they ride great. What kind of riding are you doing, mud, trail?
By bigger i mean thicker, if you know what i mean. The lugs on the lites are thinner. Anyway I ride a lot of variety. Mostly rough trail and creek beds. Mud is mixed in but not a constant. Most of it is loose dirt or coal. Some rocks and gravel. I know thats just about every possibility but we have a good mix here
I compared both the Pirelli's and the Mudlites, I did notice that the Lites tread was noticeably different to the Pirelli's. The tread where it is cut out appears to be a little deeper to me and more pronounced on the Lites. I would think that this would give a better grip on rocks and such but it would also appear that they pick up small rocks more than the Pirelli's would. I don't know, for the price, I would compare them and see if there's enough of a difference to not buy them. They list for $58 on the website I saw them on and that was for the 26x10x12's. I think the Lites run closer to $69 in 26x9x12, thats $40 that you could spend on something else for your machine.
got a pic or a link to these tires??

swampdawg4man, here's a link to the Pirelli's.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... C_ID=80003</a>
swampdawg4man, heres the pic
here they are compared to mudlite
I seen a set of these last weekend and they looked meater than mudlites. The guy must of had rears all the way around because they were way meater than that pic above.
yeah they looked meatier to me too. I just want to see if anyone else has run them and how they liked them. alas,. I may just buy a set cause i need something
That's what I did, looked around and asked questions for a while. I figured out that no matter what you end up doing there will always be a "bigger, badder" tire out there. I also figure almost anything is better than stock! A buddy of mine has outlaws and he breaks drive shafts and I have a buddy that has gators and he loves them and has no problems with them, so I went with the gators. If they don't work out for me they will go on ebay and I will find something else. But I think they will work just fine!
You're all forgetting that Supergrips also makes a tire similar to the mudlite. The only difference is that these tires have a wheel guard.
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