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pipe with no rejeting?

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i am going to put my supertrap exaust system on my sisters foreman that is in the shop too. i break everything i touch. i even broke the weld on the supertrap but i fixed it, coast cycle world has the motor out of it right now so i was going to put it on hers because i ride hers more than her.i need more power
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do you just have the worst luck?!?!
I am no expert at this so someone correct me if I am wrong but adding the exhaust to get more power will increase the air flow through the system, which will cause the motor to need more fuel, so if you do it without rejeting you will be running the engine lean which will cause the engine to get very hot and burn up.

Why is the shop taking so long with yours is it because they have so many, what about a different shop?

the shop mine is in is very busy from the big storm, and i haft to bring it there because i broke 1st gear like robb and they are going to warrnty my bike.

there is a air and fuel screw and cant i just adjust that and it wont run lean?
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