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Is there a significant difference with these mods?

Would the difference be huge, or nearly innoticable?

would it be like comparing a foreman 450 to a rancher 350 type of difference???
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I put an HMF utility, K&N, and rejetted and let me just say it definitely woke the bike up.................
I put a K&N filter, dyno jet kit, and a pro circuit pipe on and I've noticed a big difference for the bottom end. Definitely worth it.
you will notice more power but it isnt going be a 350 to 450 difference. i also think it is worth it if you are wanting some more power.
you will notice most of the difference at bottom end, i noticed it alot in second and third gear way more power in the mud and for climbing hills. definetly worth it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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