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Pinion gear

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I am rebuilding the rearend because one of the outer seals was leaking and it got filled up with mud. i got the ring gear out and the outer bearing in the axle tube and the differential replaced along with the seals. I was wondering if the pinion gear has to come out of the front of the chunk or what. it looks like that is the only way, and if it does do you just pry the seal out and take it from there? thanks.
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the pinion seal just pops out the end. once you get the seal out you will see how the pinion setup comes out. Just be careful prying the seal out, it shouldn't take much pressure to get it out. to get the pinion out a special socket will be need to remove the internal nut. it is not a cheap tool through Honda. I made mine, I found a flat plumbers nut that fit tight inside the internal nut and welded it to an old socket I had. I have made several tools of this sort for different makes and models and they all have worked well.
thanks for the advice, i will try it tomorrow and see how it goes!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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