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Pimped my Ride.

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here are pics of my foreman. i still have a few more things to get done. i want to get lift springs and a skid plate. if you have any suggestions on what i should do let me know.

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Cool ride. You need a push bar so you can run down trees that get in your way.
Peronalized Front Rack "Hood" Ornament
always wondered what that ment..
nice bike, those ss112s and MSTs look great together on that green Foreman
haha thanks! they get the job done very well for me.
nice bike. how is ur racks holdin up. i was goin to rhiino line mine like my front bumper bout 2 much cash 180 to do both racks.
the are holding up very well. i used herculiner and did it myself. i got a one qt. can that cost about $30. it takes a while to apply it. in some spots i did 2 coats and in other spots i did 3. i would recommend doing it urself. much much cheaper and its kinda fun. if ur gonna do it let me know and i'll give u some well needed tips before you do it.
A cow skull with horns,not an old milk cow skull.
yeah i know it.... but i dont have cows dying on my land everyday so its kinda hard to pick and choose.
btw: milk cows have horns... this one had been dead for 3 years so i guess they have fallen off
Your probably right,even though I live in Florida where cows are all over the place,I dont know diddly squat about them.
I know they will run ya over on your ATV if ya ride past a bunch standing on the side of the road in a ditch.I did it,they bolted and I ended up on the ground-lol.**** cows.
looks good i love them rims. how are them MST's holding up? how many miles you got on them? also how is the radio thing holding up, has it been under water?
MSTs are doing great. do great in mud, water, sand, or pavement.
i would pick them over mudlites any day... i dunno why mudlites are so popular. i dont have a whole lot of miles on them, maybe a little over a hundred or so.
i love this radio. its so easy to hook up and use. its been completely underwater many many times. i think it looks much better than those massive boxes on the front..
im new to atvs so forgive my question but whats the basket ball for?To help keep the nose up in the water im guessing?
ya its to keep the front end up when ur in water.. just lean back
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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