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Pilot screw adjustment instructions

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Pilot Screw Adjustment for the Recon 250 ('97 and up)
This may also be suitable information for the same year 250SX quad.

-The pilot screw is factory pre-set. Adjustment is not necessary unless the carburetor is overhauled or new pilot screws are installed.
-The engine must be warm for accurate adjustment. Ten minutes of stop-and-go riding is sufficient.
-Use a tachometer with gradations of 50 rpm or smaller that will accurately indicate 50 rpm change.

1. Turn the pilot screw clockwise until it seats lightly, then back it out to the specification given.

CAUTION: Damage to the pilot screw seat will occur if the pilot screw is tightened against the seat.

  • TOOL:
    • Pilot screw wrench 07908-4220201

    • '97 (except California type): 2 7/8 turns out
    • '97 CA type: 2 3/4 turns out
    • '98 - 2001: 2 5/8 turns out
    • After 2001: 2 turns out

2. Warm the engine up to operating temp.
3. Stop the engine and connect a tachometer according to the tach. manufacturer's instructions.
4. Start the engine and adjust the idle speed with the throttle stop screw.

  • IDLE SPEED: 1,400 +/- 100 rpm

5. Turn the pilot screw in or out slowly to obtain the highest engine speed.
6. Readjust the idle speed with the throttle stop screw
7. Turn the pilot screw in gradually until the engine speed drops 100 rpm.
8. Turn the pilot screw counterclockwise the number of specified turns.

    • '97 (except CA type) 3/4 turn out
    • '97 CA type/'98-2001: 7/8 turn out
    • After 2001: 1/2 turn out

9. Readjust the idle speed with the throttle stop screw.

For those who do not know, the throttle stop screw is on the right side of the carb. right behind the mounting stud where the carb. attaches to the intake rubber.

The pilot screw is on the front center underneath the side close to the engine cylinder.

The above info. was taken from Honda's '97-'04 Recon service manual, and I hope this helps many. Print it out, get it covered with your greasy fingerprints, and then throw it away!

I do not have a tach or a pilot screw wrench, but I do have ears and a screwdriver. I used these baseline settings to dial my wife's bike in perfectly. You can too.
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I meant to say these instructions will probably work for the TRX250EX, not 250SX. The SX is a three-wheeler. My bad.
Thanks for the info.....I will adjust accordingly this evening and get it back to factory specs.
You are quite welcome. Sorry for the slow response time.
Most of the newer TRX250's are built to meet California's CARB requirements and are therefore set too lean to run cold without using the choke until they warm up. Even after fully warm, they often don't run well. Most people won't be able to find the pilot screw on the newer TRX250's. It is underneath a brass plug that looks like a drilled-out piece of brass. Remove the carburetor.

You need to drill out the brass plug being careful to not drill into the pilot screw underneath. The pilot screw itself has a "D" shaped head that requires a special Honda tool to turn unless you have a pair of small needle nose pliers. You can get those in far enough to remove the pilot screw. Once out, clamp it in a vice using a shop rag or something to protect the surface and threads of the pilot screw. Using a hack saw, cut a groove in the head of the pilot screw so that you can fit a small screwdriver into it. Replace the pilot screw.

There is very little space under the carburetor for turning the screw when it is mounted on the engine. You will probably have to make your own screwdriver from a flat-bladed drill bit and a piece of tubing that can be slipped tightly over it. Plan on getting burned from the exhaust tubing or hot engine when making your final adjustments.
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