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Pictures of your wheels

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I have an 05 Foreman with 26" ITP Mudlites on the stock wheels.
I would like to reduce some weight and make the bike look nicer with a new set of wheels but I have no idea what ones I want.

I was liking the Maxxis 4x4's but they are 3lbs heavier than the other maxxis wheels. I like the ITP wheels but alot of people have them so I dont know if I want to go that route or not. How much do they weight anyway?

I know alot of people on here probably have new wheels on there 500's with there bigger tires.

Please post a pic or two of your setup with specs if you will

Thanks a TON
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I have highlifter DNA's, and I love them. They have a clear coat on them, so all you have to do is hit them with some water and they look like new again!

Look at pics in my signature.
I have type 6 ITP...and they are really light, plus they shine and clean up well
Any idea exactly what the weight is?

And how is the weight compared to the stock wheels any body know?
I dont know the exact weight...and someone on here might, but if I had to guess..I would say somewhere between 7-9 lbs....They are that light.
Thanks for the pics!

Please keep them coming.
I like both of those.
here is mine

here is what i run with
Been doing some thinking and looking at pics.

I think im going to try the new highlifter XL2's and see how I like them.
They are a few bux cheaper than the type 6's

And they look differant. Almost a cross between the type 6's and the maxxis 4x4's IMO
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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