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Picture on 350 with new tires.

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Here is a pic of my girls 350 with new rims and tires with 2.5" spacers on each side.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... good-times</a>

I do not know why I am having such a hard time trying to post the actual picture. Maybe it is to much for this site?
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they look a good tire.
do they ride smooth?
They ride very nice, and they work great. They are 25 x 10's. The 10's are almost as wide as my 27 x 12 gators.

My girl friend follows me everywhere on her Rancher that I go on my Rincon. And the wheel spacers make the bike extremely stable.
Here are some pics of the tires. 25x10x12 Swamp Witches on 12x7 black deltas.

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Nice, it sits up pretty good for them only being a 25" tire.
Them things are pretty sweeeet !!!!
Yes it does sit nice for 25" tires, and they are wide for a 10" tire.

Here are the 5"(2.5" per side) wheel spacers I told you about.

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WDVW"> ... enameZWDVW</a>
QUOTE ("hoss83":3gab82nv)
Them things are pretty sweeeet !!!!
Thanks Hoss, they also work very well too.
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