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Picture comparing 26" Executioner and 26" Mudlite

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Just thought some one might find this interesting.
The Mudlight is a 26x12-12 and the Executioner is a 26x10-12.
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if i remember right i thought my 27's were 26 1/2. what do your 26's measure?
I thought MudLites measured short too, if that's the case, those Executioners must run really small.
The mudlites are not on a rim are they? That will make a big difference.
the only thing i like about my Mud Lames (lites) they measure true.
Yes,both tires are mounted on rims.My 26" Executioners measure 25". !!
I thought the Mudlite was narrow for a 12" tire.
ya how does those kenda do in mud.. i was goin to get them but now i might get mud lites since there taller.........
WOW Executioners are short! Crazy!

How much p.s.i do you have in the mudlite? That might be why it looks narrow.
QUOTE ("rubyandforeman":1u547ee2)
ya how does those kenda do in mud.. i was goin to get them but now i might get mud lites since there taller.........
my 27" executioners did great in the mud, i could keep up with bi/tri claws easy. if you are wanting a mud tires that still does good on the trails i would look into the executioners.
Hey YooperForeman, can you tell me the lug depth on the Executioner's? Thanks for the pic also. I have to stay at 25" tall to be legal on the Wildlife Management Area, but the lug depth cannot be over 1". Now I know I can get the 26's and still actually be 25" tall. I'm fighting myself between the 589's and Ex's. I would rather have the Ex's though because I would have something not many others have around here. Thanks for your help.
I'll measure that tread depth and post it tomorrow morning.although they run short the Executioner is an amazing tire.
if i am thinking right the tread on the 26" is 1" in the center of the tire and out towards the edges it is 1 1/2 but brianlich, i think you could get by with these tires because it is just on the edges, not on the center of the tire. you could go with the 25" for sure though if you really wanted executioners because i think the tread is even smaller. on the 27" there is 1 1/2 in the center and 2" on the edges and if im thinking right the next size tire tread goes down by a 1/2".
Thanks Mad Mudder!!! I heard that the tread gets deeper as you get to the outer edges. Yeah, I think as long as it is 1 inch in the center the Game Wardens won't really care. Do the 10 inch wide tires on the front stick out of the fenders. I really don't want to be covered in mud and water everytime I hit a pothole. Kenda doesn't make a 8 wide 26" Executioner do they? Also, is it any harder to turn as in turning the handle bars? BTW, I will be using my stock wheels until I can find someone wanting to get rid of their Rubi aluminum wheels at a fair price.

P.S. Honda Foreman 500 stock tires SUCK!!!!!!
The 10" tires on the front really don't stick out,especially if you're going to keep the stock wheels.As far as the steering goes,this may seem hard to believe,but it actually steers easier.I don't know why but it does
Thanks for the info. Where did you get yours and how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking? I am going to stop by the Honda shop tomorrow and see what kind of price the quote me. So far tonight, I have found has them for $320 to my door and has them for $322 to my door. Has anyone done business with either place? Thanks for any assistance. BTW, thats for (4) 26x10x12's.
i found mine on ebay for $310. shipped so them price quotes you have already are about right.
I bought mine from,great people to deal with.I bought mine mounted on steel wheels for $439.00 shipped.I had them at my door in 3 days! I'd recommend atvoutfitters !
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