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Pics on installing a jet kit???

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Cans yall send me pics of installing a Dynojet jet kit??Does anyone know were the fuel mixture screw is??
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The fuel mixture screw is on the bottom middle front of the carb and is D shaped.
Under the gas tank??
It on the bottom of the carb if you are going to rejet you will see it when you turn the carb upside down to take the bowl off.
Yea,im puttin' on my Dynojet,I'm riding with only Half of it in right now.Should I be concerned,or could I ride with only half in now
What do you mean half of it? What parts did you install? If you don't have exhaust you don't really need the jet kit to begin with.
The needle and the rest of the rings that go with it in the carb
Is the Hmf Swamp Series any good??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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