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pics of rope install on winch

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does anyone have any pictures of them installing a syth rope to there winch spool.

mine came off and i dont know if i need a new rope or is the something i can do to get the end back on the spool
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There's a small allen screw in the drum that holds the cable in place. Back the screw off alittle bit and push the cable back in,then tighten the screw and you should be fine. If the rope has frayed just tape the end with a small piece of tape and then install.
can i do it with the winch installed or will i have to pull it
You should be able to do it on the bike.
should there be a ring on the end of this rope......i thought there should be
some of them come with a wire ring terminal on them and some don't. If your winch requires the use of one just go to your local auto or hardware store and buy one and crimp it on.
thats what i was wondering......i dont know if it came with one

this is the first winch ive was spooling out and it came off the drum....people say you shouldnt spool it out all the way when winching but how do you know if you cant see the drum....this didnt happen it the field.

but i want to make sure it doesnt.
you need to keep at least one full spool on the winch at all times, if not it will pull off as you found out. all the eyelet is for is to attach it to the drum to help spool it on the winch. the warn winches use a wedge type lock with no eyelet.
thanks......thats what i looking for.........i really should have spent a little more time with this learning something new everyday.

im going to take some pics of the drum tomarrow.
well i didnt take pics but i just put tape in the end of the cable stuck in the hole on the drum and and rolled up 5x than i put tape on the cable so i know that as far as i want to unspool it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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