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Pics. of new Rincon 680

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Here are some pics of my new Rincon.

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After 1st ride.

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Looks good
Thanks, but got to get tires mounted on stock rims, The 500 offset rims stick out way to wide. Bike barely fits in the bed of my f-150.
You Know what. I think those rims are for a rubicon rear end. The rincon rims should not stick out that far. You can sure tell the difference with the mud on your ride. What kind of tire do you have? What kind of rims are those? I bet you can sell them no prob!
These rims are off a foreman 500 w/27 laws. I have a set of rims w/27 gators. I am going to put the gatos on this, and the rims with a set of mudlites on my girlfriends 350.

These rims and tires are my neighbors.

And the mud all over the bike and me is why I am going to mount my tires on the stock rincon rims.
yeah on a rincon or any IRS bike the wheels sould be same offset front and rear. on a SRA bike the the wheels are offset to the out side becasue the axle doesnt come out very far. and when you put SRA rear wheels on an IRS bike you see what you get.
Yeah, a hugh mess! lol
" title="Applause" /> Nice Good luck with it
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