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pics of custom snorkle

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here are some pics of my custom snorkle on my 06 efi rincon. the black cover i ran the snorkle out is only like $20.00 to replace other then that all i need to do is remove the vacum hose and replace oem snorkle an new cover and it is completely back to stock form. doing it this way i can still get to my radiator fill cap and computer and it only cost about $25.00 to make.
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one more of the vacum hose going into the air box.

I just wanted to know how long it took you and was it easy? Exactly what you used... Thanks
yes it was very easy to do.
material needed,
shop vac hose kit
pvc 90 elbow
blower tube
3 metal L brackets
rivet gun and rivets
tool to cut hole
i got all this at home depot for less than 25.00, and took me about 2 hours to do. the vacume hose took about 20 min to run the rest of the time was mounting the blower tube to the black cover and sealing everything up.
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Hey, vaughn thanks for snorkel tips it worked great.
looks really good, glad i could help you out.
on the 680's, other than the airbox and diff's, do you have to snorkle anthing else?

Also, is that just 2" hose for a vacuum?
Shop vac hose. Vent your carb lines all three of them.
i havent looked yet, but does the EFI have vent lines?
On the EFI there are no vents for the throttle body.
Vaughn that looks identical to Rincon 650's snorkel
I just checked my 680, and your right, I did not see any vents on it. Thanks for the info.
Here's my snork. Thanks for the info from everyone.
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turned out really good, you did a nice job.

jwjr i helped rincon650 do his snorkle on his rincon thats why thye look identical.
thanks vaughn, you did all the hard work, I just followed your pics. thanks again.
Does anyone have pics of how they routed the pipe for a rincon snorkel?
Does anyone have pics of how they routed the pipe for a rincon snorkel?
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