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Pics from strobes

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first set didnt work went back and got some cheaper and there even better
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i think you need another light in the other side of the bulb just to make it really shine. but still look awsome as is!
where didya get the strobes at? -thanks
I don't get it, did you plug them into headlight harness and run them instead of headlights?
i'm sure he had to drill holes in the back of the head light then seal it off.
rickstar is right i just drilled a hole in the back then just silone coned it in the back
Is there a strobe that will replace stock light?
no i don't beleive ther is. even when u install them on a car or truck u need to drill a 1/2in hole. the lights come with a rubber gromite to make them water tight.
Thanks for the info.
no problem anytime.
When i put mine in i drilled the holes in the back of the headlights and never got around to sealing them up with silicone...When my front rack went under water riding in a creek it busted my normal bulbs but the strobes were still flashing.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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