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pic on profile?

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how do yall make a pic that small on your profile
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Do you mean the ones on our avatars?
i dont no. the little pic under your name
Yeah, take the pic you want resize it and go to your profile and go down to avatar and upload it from your computer.
how do you resize it
if you upload from you computer i think it automaticly resizes if not post the picture and i can resize it
No, it will not resize automatically, have to resize using paint or a similiar program. Kind of a pain, I am not very efficient at resizing; takes me some trial and error to get the right %. I don't know why the whole picture doesn't resize when using attribute under the image drop down.
I did not think it would eather. I use <a href="" target="_blank"></a> make it as small as it will let you.
thanks for the help i have to add that site to my favorites
I use it a lot. Glad I could help!
i use HP Image Zone that came on my computer and it works great
I can't seem to find where to upload the avatars anymore Help a old fart out I am not that good with puters.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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