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pic of my custom lift irs foreman

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Well, we are almost finished with the front end. Here is the progress so far (pics below). The plan is that we will completely finish the front before getting started on the irs rear. I have the new rinny rear and knuckles sitting there and waiting... The front end has 24" of ground clearance to the lowest point. Oh yeah, Gorilla is making the axles and they should be here Tues! Also the brake lines will be finished tuesday.
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looking pretty good i wish i could do something like that but im not any good at fabracating and i dont have the tools
ya jwjr i hear u on that we got the tools.. but i dont have that much share time........
if i had the tools and the know how i could find time. such as not sitting on internet or xbox all the time
ya i most time on here lookin at parts or hangin out at local honda shop... or working.. i thought bout building a 450 foreman.. which i might be starting on it this summer
i also dont have a grage big enough to work since our house is old and the grauge is under the house and its full of dads four wheeler, dads HD motorcycle, and dads diveing equipment
nice work!!
Wow, interesting. I have thought of trying to do a Rincon rear on mine. Where did you get the parts? Price? Please take many pics of the rear end conversion. Very impressive so far, keep us updated!
it looks like you did a very clean job, looks good. nice job.
nice clean job what angel are you running on the axles looks pritty extreem
looks good cant wait to see pics of it finished. nice work.
Thanks for the compliments guys!

Got the rear diff brand new off eBay ($300). The knuckles/hubs/studs..etc come from The total for everything run about $300, so far. Ofcourse, the custom length gorilla axles are $400 per corner. Wow...I get kinda depressed just typing that.

We removed the rear end / swing arm today and got some measurements to get started on the irs. We are planning on making the rear look as close to stock (except for the lift) as possible and also put a receiver hitch setup... we'll see. I have some more pics of the progress that I will put up later.

I am going to sell the rear end (complete) with driveshaft and swingarm. What would be a fair asking price (for local pu only)? I also have a bolt-on axle paddle (we built) for '05 foreman if anyone is in the market for one???
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how are you handling the rear drive shalf?? and what is the ratio of a rincon, is a foreman the same ratio ?
ever used a Tig?
QUOTE ("vettepin":2dqfgsu6)
how are you handling the rear drive shalf?? and what is the ratio of a rincon, is a foreman the same ratio ?
I am using a Rincon shaft. They are the same ratio.

No we don't have a Tig welder.
wow i wish i had never opened this thread, lol, if i never see it i wont want it
If you put that in production let my know, you could put me on the top of the list....Dude thats awsome!!!!!
ya it looks kick ass... wat size tires u running 29.5... y not get some 44 inch truck tires loll imagein that.. that whould b sweeet.. but no power
ooohh baby i just soiled my self
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