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Persistance pays!

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Just want to share the good news!
A minor victory for the little guy! After much moaning & groaning my dealer finally gave me new luggage racks. I've been after my dealer to replace my front and rear luggage racks shortly after the purchase of my 500 Foreman, about a month ago now. At first they told me "not to worry about it", and kept sluffing me off when I questioned it. I was about ready to accept it and "not worry about it", but finding you guys here and taking your advice to be persistant, well here's how it went.
On my last vistit to my dealer they told me and I quote "here is a can of spray paint". Of course I told them that this was an unacceptable fix (not in so many words, I did some serious yelling, cursing, screaming & kicking). I think they gave me the racks just to get me out of the store. I guess the long and short of it is, "the squeaky wheel get the grease" or something like that. Thanks for the advice and support fellas!
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QUOTE ("rwas89":yzxijddn)
Just want to share the good news!
A minor victory for the little guy!
Thats what im talking about!!!! Glad to hear the good news!!!
good job they seem to understand more when u annoy them
My dealer just laughed.

I'll be laughing later when I go to southern Power next time.
I'm glad to hear it worked out.
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