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Performance Upgrade Clutch Kit?

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Does anyone run this kit on there foreman? i was looking into clutch kits the other day and came across this:
EPI Performance Upgrade
• Replace friction plates for longer lasting, anti-swelling, smoother modulation.
• Increase holeshot acceleration.

probley not for big mud tires but the trail it could be good.. any feedback?
/ ?
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what is the price tag on one of em i dont like the highlifter kit or are they the same
the one Highlifter sells is also made but EPI but the one on HL is more for people with big tires. im guessing the one 350 is talking about is more for racing.
the price tag is around 150 off the EPI site. yah its more for speed then mud tires. just want to know if any one has it on there foreman and if they like it.
i have KG springs on my presure plate clutch, they increase the holding power by 15% and the clutch wont slip as much when turning big tires. its cheap at $18 for a set of 4.
and i also run and sell the HL clutch kit for the other clutch ($55).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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