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performance issues

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In the past i have noticed my bike acting kinda strange the performance is slightly irratic when i have both hands on the handle bars it will go pretty fast in a moderately bad hole but when i got budweiser in the left hand it really hauls ass in unusually deep and sloppy holes still trying to figure it out
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Switch over from Budweiser TO BUD LIGHT....that should solve the problem ..lmao
I hear that if you switch to lite beer, you could increase your horsepower!
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Beer is your problem, drink Southern Comfort like a real man .
Hmmmmm interesting, i will have to experiment on this hypothisiss.
what if i shoot southern comfort and chase it with lite beer would that fix my problem?????????
I don't really know I don't drink and drive ANYTHING so my advice would not be anygood. I just like Southern!
Yeah, thats a bad combination, don't drink and drive and i bet you'll slow tight down.
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