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Has anyone had any problems out of the perfex suspension system. And the people that do have it, do yall like it pretty good.
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I really like my kit and have not had a single problem with it........other than getting use to a softer ride!
no problems here.
Ive had mine on for over a year and beating the living snot out of it and not a single problem. I love it. Would definately get another when I get a wheeler for the wife.
just put on, LOVE IT, nice soft ride on my 03 Ruby. Not as soft as a Rincon, but easily ridden over almost anything. Still stable and solid on off-camber situations.
had mine since dec. no complaints. my buddy has a highlifter 1/2 inch taller, but mine rides better. a good ride in better than 1/2 inch in my opinion
Im very hard on mine and still looks new. No rust except for on the front bracket, but its just surface rust so im gonna coat it with truck bed liner.
REALLY your bracket is starting to rust? all my kit seemed to have that cadnium (sp?) or zinc plating so everything had a goldish tint to it to prevent rust. I have had mine for over a yr with no rust, I mostly ride nasty mud and water too. ?????
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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