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why did the price on this go up so much on this site.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... rodID=3549</a>

anyother sites where i can get it for cheap.
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The price hasnt gone up, thats what I paid for my perfex over a year ago. actually it was $90.00 shipped. I dont think anyone has it any cheaper either. Well worth the $ IMHO smoother ride and a lift its a win win situation.
**EDIT** Never mind I just looked again and it went up to $107! (the rancher kit hasnt changed) I have noticed that all prices have gone up since hurricane Katrina, with the gas / fuel prices as high as they are eveyone has to pay more since suppliers etc. have to pay more for it to be shipped Either way I would still pay that for the perfex kit.
Wouldn't you just know it. That's just my luck.
This is where i got mine and their still the same price. <a href="" target="_blank"> ... 3&cat_id=1</a>
The price is still the same as it was for 02 to 04 foreman, thats where i ordered my from 6 months ago.
Don't feel bad they are $120 directly from HEBCO. But that is quite a price hike. If your looking into one get one from ATV Direct ( before they catch up on the price.
I posted a link to that website, better get'em before they riase the price too!
yeah i ordered it last night. i paid 100 with shipping and all
perfix lift

how much lift does the perfix lift actually give
morat454 it gives you from 1" -1"1/2

i just got it in today but i havnt had time to put it on. It will be put on tom. when i get home from school. i would go put it on now at 7:30 but i got a broke foot so i will just wait till tom. cant wait to put it on.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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