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Perfex versus High Lifter lift kits

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What do you all think about the Perfex long travel lifts. Looks like a nice set of hardware for a lot less than High Lifter's product. (<a href="" target="_blank"> ... rodID=3549</a>) Im thinking about going with the Perfex kit and the HL springs.
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its a good deal, not quite as much lift as the HL, but you get a better ride outta the deal from what I understand.
I like mine, I only did the back because of the strain on the CV joints. Emailed Hebco and they sold me the rear only for 1/2 price. And they were really nice about any dumb questions I had
The main thing im scared of is breaking cv joints and axles. Will i have to worry a lot with the Perfex kit? Im not going to run anything bigger than a 27" tire and would just like a SMALL amount of extra clearance out front. I dont use the bike much, maybe 3-4 times a month and when i do i tend to shy away from the NASTY mud. I have a DJ kit, HMF exhaust, and KN intake. Im going to get a clutch kit soon, but since i need to drain the oil for the work ill wait till my next oil change i think.
Since you did the rear: How much of the install is 'bolt on' and how much is actual fabrication and drilling. I wanted to stay away from drilling.
Any time you lift the front any amount you are going to put a strain on the CV joint. I think I am going to have this foreman for a good long time, and did not want to mess with the cv joints if possible so I omitted the front lift because I will never run anything bigger than a 27" tire and from what I know that will fit fine with no lift.

I did the rear for the ride comfort, with just me on it I don't notice the smothness as I do when I have a little weight or the wife on the back or more likly me on the back and the wife driving Also (someone correct me if I am wrong) but the back will put a strain in the u-joint, but if I have to mess with that I am ok with it, but I don't think it has that great of an effect on the u-joint. Any how if you have any questions about them go to Hebco web site and email them, I thought the costomer service was great. I think the guys name was Raymond
It was 99% bolt on had to drill one hole in the frame of the swing arm on the cross piece but it was no big deal to do. Also you might and probably will have to tweek it alittle but there is no modification that needs to be done. Also I pulled the shocks right off and took that time to grease each end to prevent anoing(sp) little squeeks.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... pg&.src=ph</a>
If you look at the word perfex that is where you need to bolt it to the frame, and that is the only hole you have to drill front and back
Thanks for the tip. I was assuming that since the Perfex lift wasnt as tall as the HL lift it would put less strain on other components.
ALSO are you talking about the LIFT KIT or the LONG TRAVEL KIT? They sell two different kits, whats the difference. The long travel kit looks a little more stable.
oops sorry I got the long travel kit sorry about the confusion. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
BUt the long travel gives like 2" in back and 1" in front I believe
So the long travel gives more total lift.
I just took my long travel off of rear. Too much up/down movement for me, plus it felt like I was leaning too far forward when driving. I did leave the front on though. Nice to have a little more travel up front with SRA. I really love the combination. It only lifts the front about 3/4"-1", I don't expect any complications with joints, even with my DGL.
Im going to purchase the Perfex long travel kit and the HL springs. my Rubi is old but only has 58 hours, so it is fairly new. The springs should have sagged quite a bit.
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