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perfex or lift kit?

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ive heard alot about a perfex long travel kit, but what is the real benifits of it vs. a after market lift like a H.L? H ow much lift and will it clear 27s and does it cause less stress on the drive terrain? I have a 2 in. lift now and I keep loosing front C.V's.
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From what folks say about it on here, you can clear 27's just fine. I am also
thinkin' real hard about this same kit. For the price, it ain't that bad. Mark,
why don't you buy 2 kits & let me borrow one of them .
With the HL kit all you get is lift and if thats all you want the get that but if you want lift and a smoother ride, get the Perfex kit. I got about an 1 1/2 of lift and a lot smoother ride from the Perfex and i believe they are about the same price.
there is no comparison, the perfex kit hands down. If you keep losing cv's with the lift then I would definately get the perfex. Ive had it on my atv with 27s for over a year and not had a single problem, and I beat the living snot out of it. The perfex gives 1.5 inches of lift vs the 2in with a regular lift but Ill lose that 1/2 in for the smoother ride, also the lift doesnt give you ground clearance, the tires do that. It only allows you to run bigger tires. For $90.00 to your door and a better riding atv you cant go wrong, also think of all the $$$ you would save on cv's
How difficult is the installation of the Perfex. A few on here have had trouble
with the rear. I want to ditch my lift & get the Perfex.
It's not that bad after looking back, you just got to pay attention to the mount holes on the outer brackets on the rear to make sure you have them lined up right. The fronts were cake to install and i used the lower mounting position, the upper one made my Foreman look like it was jacked up in the back. You should get it Railroader, you'll like the ride over stock much better.
Alright. You go on ahead & buy it for me & i'll sure as heck use it . You
sure are a nice guy. Thanks a bunch.
OK, i'll buy you the Perfex kit and you can buy me the disc brake kit, sounds like a fair trade yes??
hey RR, how is that new brake conversion? last i read, you had only used it once (in the parking lot, maybe?). waiting for your review - i think this may be the next big mod for me.
The brakes perform wonderful. You should go on ahead & do it. I don't know
why i waited so long to do the brake conversion.
QUOTE ("Railroader":3gojy9n6)
The brakes perform wonderful. You should go on ahead & do it. I don't know
why i waited so long to do the brake conversion.
The same reason its taking you so long to do the perfex kit Seriously though, the perfex kit takes between 30 - 60 mins to install. It is real easy to do, you could even do it without instuctions if you can put things together by looking at them. You wont be dissapointed with it. Put one on Jens 4man first and make her the tester, guarantee youll get one real quick after that.
I put the Perfex on my foreman, the best money spent on it to date. Only had to drill one hole for the rear brace, but it was easy. I took my tires off and put the quad on a atv jack, so I could move it around. Just take your time and pay attention, you will have no problem you can't take care of. I thought it was easy myself. Steering seems lighter also.

It rides like I bought a new quad, totally different ride.

I heard Honda saw how many of these units were sold, and put some of the same design in the 05 and up models suspension to get a better ride. Not sure though, anyone know?
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